Mondays are for Miracles

Our Monday Miracle Child is…



Jaiden has had to overcome a lot in his short life. At just three months old he was diagnosed with GERD – a reflux disease, and asthma which often led to respiratory distress during sleep. Soon after, doctors also discovered a significant heart murmur and a small hole in his heart that caused his heart rate to drop alarmingly low when he was resting or sleeping. A few years later, he went into respiratory failure in the middle of the night. He was rushed to the ER and after many tests and visits with specialists, an airway obstruction was found in addition to central and obstruction sleep apnea and dysphagia – a swallowing disorder that causes food and drinks to go into his airways instead of his stomach. He has also suffered from nighttime seizures, digestive issues, and weak muscles in his lower extremities making it difficult to walk. Jaiden has undergone multiple tests, therapies and surgeries at Wolfson Children’s Hospital to correct some of these issues. He also often takes steroids and antibiotics to avoid or heal regular infections. Despite all he has been and continues to go through, he never complains but instead just lets everyone know when he wants to keep up with the gang or is ready for a nap. Jaiden is a real life super hero!


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