Mondays are for Miracles

Our Monday Miracle Child is…. Jasper



Jasper was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect prior to birth. After battling pre-term labor from 21 weeks gestation, Jasper was born at 36 weeks. Due to his small size and heart defect, he was sent to the NICU at Wolfson Children’s Hospital where he spent 17 days after developing jaundice. Jasper had his first open heart surgery at 6 months old. After spending 5 months in the hospital, it was determined he would need a second open heart surgery to make him healthy enough to go home. Released just in time to spend his 1st birthday with family, Jasper continues to overcome obstacles but never lets anything bring him down. He is always smiling, loves to dance and enjoys visiting his doctors and nurses. Jasper is a miracle!


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