Mondays are for Miracles

Our Monday Miracle Child is…



Maddex, a surviving twin, was born at 23 weeks gestation weighing only 1 LB. 9 oz. He spent six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and underwent multiple surgeries to correct complications and setbacks from birth. Due to underdeveloped lungs, Maddex was placed on 24 hour breathing support and was fed via feeding tubes in his nose, throat and stomach. He also suffered from severe interventricular hemorrhages, hernias, a build up of spinal fluid in his brain, and defects that created small holes in his heart. When Maddex was discharged from the NICU, he had 10 specialists who followed his case as well as 24-hour in home nursing support. By the time he turned 1 year old, he was able to breathe on his own and could use a bottle to eat. Maddex was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and receives Botox injections to help increase his mobility and relax his muscles. He still follows up with most of his original specialists, though not nearly as often as he did in the beginning. He is a true miracle!


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